Welcome to Technibit Solutions

Technibit Solutions is a unique E-learning services provider and we assist our clients to enhance their learning experience. We provide Learning Management System Support for Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and Sakai. Our instructional designing support team ensures that the contents are aligned and effective to meet the demands of the learners. We help you to include engaging videos and eLearning tools to improve your course delivery, keep it interactive and interesting. Technibit solutions also provide 24*7 tech support and customer services support to manage your online classes effectively. Learning is made engaging by transforming the content with interactive articulate, HTML5 and other tools. Online learning is the future of education and keeping up your courses with the latest technologies will make a difference.

LMS Support:

Your courses can be hosted online using various learning platforms that are built to load lessons, case studies, assessments and videos. We assure that your portal is secure and will be monitored frequently.

Elearning Tools:

Flash, Articulate, and HTML 5 helps you to keep your learners engaged and enhances delivery. Prezi is a presentation tool that transforms the content in an interactive modality makes your presentations a success.

Tech Support:

Our tech team is available around the clock to ensure your classes are up and running. Any queries related to tech support from students are responded within 24 hours’ time frame. Our chat team also helps students regarding access to courses and portal navigation.

Customer Support:

We also provide information regarding your courses and help in the enrollment process. Our marketing team plays an active role in promoting your courses.